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Velofilia is a project which arouse from a dream. We share our impressions and experiences of this journey with you, through articles and pictures. Over time our project became bigger and bigger. People started asking whether they could help us in some way. The answer is quite simple: “It's all about the money!”

Sponsoring and donations of any kind are most welcome. Whoever likes our project and thinks it's worth being supported, has the opportunity to do this right here. We have set our sights high, but we have proofed, during the last six months, that we can do it.
Since we had to change our intended route our journey will be bit longer.
In addition, the way through the Pamir Mountains claimed its toll. The Visas and necessary accommodations in the cities of application were also more expensive than expected. In order to reach our goal, we are dependent on one or the other donation.

Ever since we embarked on this journey we have seen a lot of things. In the future we still want to experience different many things, get to Beijing and share all these moments with you, no matter if they are happy ones or not.


The US Dollar is the currency which is been dealt with the most. Every single Dollar we get encourages us to keep on moving and enables us to able to see different places and meet new people. Your donations shall be used solely to buy groceries, to get a warm shower or to replace one or the other inner tube. In case we have sufficient means, we would like to invest in our camera equipment, to make even better pictures of our journey.

In order to reach our goal, you can support us in two ways. Send us a few pennies through PayPal



Or you can make a direct transfer to this account

  Credit institution   DKB Kreditbank  
  Account holder:   Björn Riemschneider  
  IBAN:   DE54120300001017271626  
  BIC:   BYLADEM1001  
  Purpose:   Velofilia + your name  


Don't be afraid about your money. In case our journey will be discontinued for whatever reason, we will refund every single donation.