Camping gear

Besides the bikes, which are essential for the trip, a tent and sleeping bag, including a camping mat, are the most important things. In order to live self-sufficient and travel for such a long period of time, through all kinds of weather conditions, a sufficient tent and sleeping bag are very important. Regarding the tent, we are especially cautious about the weight and stability. In addition, good ventilation is very important to us. You don't want to be woken up early in the morning because you started to feel could, due to all the condensation water which dripped onto your sleeping bag. With Nordisk as our Sponsor we got the perfect tent. The Oppland 3 LW is an ultra light tent, offers lots of space, plus a big apsis making it possible to cook in all kinds of weather conditions, or to store our bikes.

The bed will be a simple down-filled sleeping bag and a down-filled camping mat. Even though down feathers are prone to moisture/dampness, they are a lot lighter und and have smaller pack size than synthetic ones. In addition, it feels a lot more comfortable sleeping in a down-filled one, besides, I never had any trouble with dampness and getting the sleeping bag dry in the morning - the isolation was always good, no matter under which conditions. Both sleeping bags already proofed to be comfortable even at -15°C. We cannot say anything in particular about the DonwMat 9 from Exped, but the thermal rating is probably better than thermal rating of my old Therm-a-Rest Prolite, being only 25mm thin - plus its definitely more comfortable. Therefore, we are not going to fear any cold nights.



  • Tent: Nordisk - Oppland 3 LW
  • Sleeping bags:
    • Jens: Western Mountaineering - Apache MF
    • Björn: Macpac - Santuary 900
  • Camping mat: Exped - DownMat 9
  • Silk inlets