About us

Who are these two people, crazy enough to cycle all the way from Berlin to Beijing, crossing mountain passes above 4000m?

We are Björn and Jens. We got to know each other during our Bachelor of Information Technology. Like many people before us, we’re also heading for the big adventure. We will both finish our Master studies in December 2014 and want to start this trip right after. The “Boring daily Life”, including running to work 5 days a week, sitting in the office or wherever will be a routine that probably won’t escape, but now we have this chance and are going to grab it – you never know when you’ll get another one!

At this point we can’t show off with trips we have done together, so far the two of us have been on trips separately, which means it is going to be a challenge physically as well as mentally. Sharing a tent of 2m x 1,6m most of the time, but you never know until you try. I am certain that we will manage that as well.


profile brI have grown up with road cycling as a teenager and explored the beautiful Brandenburg. During my Work and Travel in Vancouver (Can), I went on my first bicycle trip for 8 days through the Coast Mountains up to Rogers Pass and back along the American border. One year later in 2008, my brother and I went on a trip through the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea and back through the French Alps and Switzerland. We only took a daypack and sleeping bag with us, as we had nice and warm summer days.

So far the biggest and most impressive experience was my backpacker journey in 2010/11 which took me through South Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I have seen and experienced so many things during these 9 months, they are unforgettable. It all started with an amazing trekking tour in the Nepalese Himalaya with a friend of mine, followed by an “yogic-escape” in India and painting in Australia, as I had to stock up my purse. There are so many great things to see and I enjoy looking back at it, but now I’m just looking forward to the upcoming journey! 


profile jkThe Bicycle is my passion. It is my constant companion, even though it did not accompany me on trips as long as Björn. Mostly my brother and I are to be met on the roads in and around Berlin or on short trips within Germany. Otherwise I cherish and take care of my (and many other!) bikes with a lot of care and the advantage of saving money; an important part in a student’s life. ;)

The affinity for traveling began over 10 years ago while being on holiday in China. Since then, my girlfriend and I travelled around many parts of the world. Beside Asia we visited the northern parts of Africa, Central- and North America and parts of Europe. Those trips also made camping in nature more attractive to me. In all the traveling Asia has always left a lasting impression, which is why I would like to go back there. This trip from Berlin to Beijing offers me the opportunity to see many cultures, meet interesting people, but also get to know myself a liitle better.

How did this idea arise?

Everyone has certain longings and dreams, as do we. When I returned from my trip at the end of May 2011, Jens asked me where I want to go next. To put it short:

“I still want to travel by bicycle either through North- and South America or from Berlin far east all the way through the Himalaya.”

Jens had pretty much the same idea and here we go. So we plan on cycling from Berlin through the Himalaya to Beijing. In the upcoming months we will get ready work out the remaining details, as some organization and planning is still needed and plan to set out in the beginning of 2015.